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Akinfenwa to Switch from Soccer to WWE

Hard man Adebayo Akinfenwa may soon trade his football boots for the showbiz world of WWE.

The Wycombe striker has revealed he is in talks with owner Vince McMahon over a shock career move to WWE.

The 38-year-old frontman is the strongest player in the world according to Fifa 21 ratings.

He said: “I’ve had a couple of calls recently in regards to that [going into wrestling].

“I’ll be following up on that soon – so it could go up or down depending on the outcome of that.

“I can’t tell you a direct percentage in terms of that [coming to fruition], but it’s something I’m really passionate about, so watch this space, people.”

Should it work out, Akinfenwa revealed which pro footballers he would most like to take on.

He said: “In terms of a Royal Rumble that’s something I’d want to win obviously – and there’s some tough lads out there, you know.

Akinfenwa, 38,with Nigerians roots, weighs an outstanding 102kg and has been called “the Beast” all through his career.

A meeting with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and his children’s love of the sport lit a fire inside the former Wimbledon star.

And now he says swapping penalties for piledrivers remains a very real possibility.

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